I don’t think enough people remember that Grease ends with Danny and Sandy getting into a car and flying away

with zero explanation.


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Touché Amoré - Amends  
(2011.11.30~Allston, MA)

Honest Sleep - Touche Amore
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TA was so fucking rad tonight omg totally worth the wait. Jeremy sang in my face a bunch of times and THEY PLAYED CONDOLENCES AND I ALMOST CRIED SO HARD and I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to hear Amends or Art Official but I honestly don’t even care at this point it was sooooooo goooooood I freakin love them and I’m so glad I didn’t have to go by myself even though the crowd wasn’t even that rough? Like I was really surprised. Also I was one of 5 girls there so that was weird. AND I WAS REALLY PISSED THAT THEY DIDNT PLAY GRAVITY, METAPHORICALLY BECAUSE I WAS PREPARED TO LOSE MY SHIT BUT YOOOOO

Supervising as I see it


There’s a lot to being a manager or a supervisor (I’m a supervisor, the absolute bottom rung of the management ladder) but it’s actually not that hard of a job. I’m responsible for a lot of things - inventory, scheduling, hiring (when I don’t make Frozen do it, that is,) and dealing with guest…


"most dedicated fans goes to black veil brides"


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